Nationally recognized for our Green built homes.

CornerStone Custom Builders Inc. is one of only three builders in the state of Wisconsin nationally recognized to build and certify a NAHB Green Built Home. Additionally the GreenStone is the only home in northern Wisconsin to be nationally recognized as a NAHB Green Built Home.

What is Green Building?

Green Building is a blend of both socially responsible and advanced building products and practices working together to reach a singular goal: an eco-friendly, efficient, sustainable, and healthy home. Simply put “A home that creates a smaller carbon foot print during construction, uses less energy and natural resources, while providing a healthier environment to live in.”

What is a Green Built home?

A green built home is a performance driven home that benefits from an active partnership between the homeowner and the builder throughout the entire designing and building process.

What are the benefits of Building Green?

A green built home provides a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for your family to live in while lowering your overall operating costs. Green built homes are the socially responsible alternative to conventional building practices, products, and use of our natural resources.

How building green can save you money: (efficiency)

  • Water sense plumbing fixtures
  • Energy star appliances and lighting fixtures
  • Professionally designed heating and cooling system
  • Labor and material savings with “Open wall component building systems”

How green building products promotes a healthier home environment: (comfort & safety)

  • Selection of non toxic materials and low VOC paints
  • Selection of anti-microbial products used in wet areas
  • Selection of hardwood and tile floors that are easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Selection of low formaldehyde products reducing new house smell, improving air quality

How green building exercises environmentally friendly practices: (sustainability)

  • Water conservation
  • Reduce solid wastes
  • Energy conservation
  • Regionally selected products

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Based off of our standard building specifications, we have created a new set of Green Built specifications that gives our homeowners the option to certify their home or not. We are committed to providing our homeowners with a healthier, more comfortable, and energy efficient home that will last them a lifetime.
Glenn Schiffmann - President, CornerStone Custom Builders