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Epitome Quality Foundation Walls

In keeping the tradition of being a leader and innovator throughout the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin construction industry, CornerStone Custom Builders, Inc. recently announced the launch of a new sister company, Composite Panel Systems, LLC. CPS offers Epitome Quality Foundation Walls, a fiberglass composite foundation alternative to cast-in-place concrete, featuring numerous benefits to the homeowner. Epitome Quality Foundation Walls feature an inherent R-15 insulation energy efficiency value. By simply installing batt insulation into the stud cavity, the insulation R-value can be ... Read more

Ice Dams: Recognition and Prevention

Ice dams form when warmth from the inside of your home causes snow to melt and trickle to the roofs edge, it then refreezes and forms a solid ridge that water cannot escape. Each day the water melts and tries to flow off the roofs edge. As this occurs each day the water is trapped and runs up under the shingles causing water to leak into your house. There are several steps you can take to prevent this if you are ... Read more

CornerStone Builders Receives National Recognition

In keeping the tradition of being a leader in the northern Wisconsin building circles, CornerStone Custom Builders, Inc., has announced that its GreenStone model home has been certified as a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Built Home. CornerStone is one of only five builders in the state of Wisconsin to attain this national certification and the GreenStone is the only home in northern Wisconsin to be nationally recognized as a NAHB Green Built Home that meets and exceeds the sustainable ... Read more