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Alpine Companies – One Source, Expert Solutions

The Alpine Companies have been a strong partner alongside CornerStone for the past 10 years providing drywall, gypsum floors and insulation services to a majority of our homeowners. Accountability, honesty and good old fashioned work ethic while providing an unwavering commitment to their customers are the building blocks that make the Alpine Companies’ foundation.

“Many of our customers seldom have the opportunity to meet Tim Rose (Wausau regional manager of Alpine Companies) but the fortunate few that do find Tim and his staff go above and beyond each and every day to ensure their project’s success,” says Darren Rubo, Project Manager at CornerStone. “Tim has been given some unbelievable deadlines and requests over the years and has continually met them with a positive can-do attitude and response. I feel that commitment to each project is why he has made so many friendships over the years treating our company fairly and customers with respect,” states Rubo.

When CornerStone decided to create a standard set of green built building specifications to which every CornerStone homeowner will now be given the option to certify their home or not, Alpine embraced this decision, helping to pick out low VOC paints, providing nontoxic spray foam and reduced low formaldehyde insulation options from which to choose. “They really stepped up to the plate and looked at all of the newer technologies and products out there in the marketplace and supported us in our decision-making process to select healthier and more efficient products and materials to use in our GreenStone model and all CornerStone homes in the future,” states David Cox, Vice President of Operations at CornerStone.

“CornerStone is extremely grateful to have such a trusted and reliable partner who treats each of our customers as their own. Tim and his staff have been a pleasure to work with over the years and we look forward to building many more homes together,” said Cox.

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